White Oak

White Oak is native to the Eastern United states, with it’s range starting just north of the native range of the Live Oak and continuing north to Maine and west to Minnesota. Mature trees are generally 70-80 feet tall and 36″ to 48″ in diameter. White Oak lumber tends to have an attractive, light saddle-tan to olive-brown appearance with mostly straight grain. Used extensively for cabinetry, furniture, flooring and veneers. A very durable wood that is a good choice for those wanting rugged farmhouse tables that are harder and more durable than those made from traditional pine. Good for use in steam bending projects, White Oak also takes paints, stains and dyes exceptionally well. Highly resistant to rot, frequently used in liquor barrels, boat building and outdoor furniture projects. Also a great choice for mantle pieces. 

Dry weight: 3.92lbs per board foot
Janka Hardness: 1,360 (see “useful information” tab) 


White Oak slabs will be listed soon, please contact us for current availability