Full update on our shop and 
existing equipment COMING SOON!

We strive to create an extraordinary shop with a vintage flair where curious minds can gather. Where surroundings inspire creativity, inviting friends and customers to discuss past or future projects. Where space and capabilities inspire one to continue to push boundaries and expand their knowledge base, creating custom pieces that will be enjoyed by families for generations to come. 
With both vintage and modern equipment and hand tools available, our true focus is on collecting, restoring and phasing into our shop an array of vintage woodworking machines and hand tools made between America’s Industrial revolution in the late 1800’s and the post-WWII modernization ending in the 1960’s, more specifically from 1930-1950. Tools made during this timeframe were made with an abundance of pride in workmanship and built to last lifetimes – the same attributes we strive to achieve in our work today. The cost of raw materials alone would preclude manufacturers from making comparable equipment in today’s economy. In those days machines were made from iron and steel, completely devoid of bells and whistles, circuit boards and plastic parts. Created long before the term “engineered obsolescence” was even a thought in manufacturer’s minds, these machines run just as smoothly today as they did 80 or 100 years ago. The technology in many woodworking machines hasn’t changed in over 100 years, the only thing manufacturers have figured out how to do is to make them cheaper. Some of our hand tools were made by the first drop forger in our country’s history and date to the mid 1800’s.
We are constantly on the lookout for vintage woodworking machines that would either allow us to enhance our current capacities, or for machines to restore for our clients who share our vision and have home workshops to outfit.