Princess Leah


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Princess Leah was originally discovered in downtown Palm Beach, FL in 1981. The parent tree was over 40′ in height, a truly massive and gorgeous specimen. I have yet to see another variety that has the potential to grow to this size. Sadly, the parent tree has long since been removed, absorbed by “progress” to make away for more office complexes. However it thrives here in my collection and can now be part of yours.

This is a fantastic blooming variety, with a long and healthy blooming season. Produces multiple bloom heads at once with large, 4″+ bright pink/white flowers highlighted by gold centers. Blooms produce longer, unique petals. Very nice tropical scent, this is one that can be enjoyed for both it’s scent and it’s beauty. Produces multiple seed pods annually once established. A fast grower with obvious potential to become a truly large and stunning specimen, Princess Leah accepts pruning very well should you prefer to keep it on a smaller scale and will normally re-establish new branches at the point of prune with at least one new branch. 

Easy to root, we have successfully rooted cuttings to ~20′ tall and 4″ caliper. 

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