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J-105: J-105 produces stunning, unique blooms with bold colors and heavy veining. Pedals overlap back onto themselves, creating a bloom like no other in the Plumeria world. Deep pink/purple/gold colors with white pedal edges. Very nice, mild tropical scent.J-105 tends to be a very full grower, heavy brancher normally splitting into 3 or 4 branches each time it blooms (hence we rarely have any single-tip cuttings for sale), producing a very full/round tree. Grows extremely fast, some of our J-105 trees have gone from a rooted, 2-tip cutting to a 150+ tip tree in less than 4 years which is truly amazing.

J-105 cuttings are a bit shorter than other varieties because of it’s heavy branching nature. There just aren’t any long branches! So expect your cutting to be approximately 12-14″ in length.

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