Pecan trees are native to the southern United States and are best known for their seeds (or nuts) which is used as a snack and in various recipes such as praline candies and pecan pie. They grow to approximately 130′ tall and are included in the state symbols of Alabama, Arkansas, California, Oklahoma and Texas. All our pecan trees are harvested in a sustainable manner, most have been removed from farms after they’ve outgrown their nut-bearing years or have been storm damaged. Slabs can range up to 60+” in width. 

Pecan is in the hickory family and as such, produces some very hard – and beautiful – lumber. The Heartwood is normally light to medium tan with a palette of red, burgundy, brown and sometimes black hues. Older specimens provide very striking grain contrasts, and bark inclusions are common. A great choice for slab tables and desks for those wanting a lighter color in their decor, as well as for lumber in farmhouse tables. 

Average dried weight: 3.83lbs per board foot
Janka Hardness: 1,820 (see “useful information” tab) 


Pecan slabs will be listed soon, please contact us for current availability