All cuttings are hand selected and cut the day we ship, average 12-18″ and are treated to rooting hormone to help promote healthy rooting.
Dwarf cuttings will be smaller, naturally. We trim all leaves prior to shipping to reduce stress/dehydration
during shipping and during the rooting process (Plumeria will lose moisture through their leaves). Finally, we’ll professionally wrap
and package all cuttings. We ship only via Priority Mail so your cuttings arrive quickly and safely to your door. 

As a member of the Plumeria Society of America, we’re Plumeria nuts just like you.
With each purchase we’ll include our brochure on how to get the most from your Plumeria,
how/where to plant them, tips on care/feeding/watering/soil choices, as well as companion plants
to accompany them and bring out the best in your Plumeria. 

Order any 3 cuttings and receive ONE FREE MYSTERY CUTTING.
Order any 5 cuttings and receive ONE FREE MYSTERY CUTTING and ONE FREE SEEDLING.