Eastern Red Cedar is native to almost 2/3 of North America, grows to almost 80 feet tall and is perhaps best known for it’s wonderful aromatic properties. Slabs generally range from 15″ to 25″ with anything over 30″ considered rare.

Cedar is a very fragrant wood and tends to be a little on the soft side making it very easy to work with. Colors range from deep reds to pinks and tans. Larger slabs will generally have a tremendous amount of interesting crotch and limb grain figure as the trees send off branches in many directions. This also lends itself to gnarly live edges, making for interesting fireplace mantles and tables/benches.

The wood is very durable and rot resistant making it an excellent choice for outdoor furniture, birdhouses, window sills and even fenceposts. It’s aroma naturally repels moths and other insects making it a great choice for lining closets, constructing cedar chests, and other uses inside the home. Because of it’s aroma and softer texture, it is also a standout for use in fine jewelry/watch boxes.

Average dried weight: 2.75lbs per board foot
Janka Hardness: 900 (see “useful information” tab) 


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