Black Cherry

Black Cherry (or “Cherry” as it is affectionately known) is native to Eastern North America and parts of Mexico and grows to approximately 100′ tall. Generally Cherry slabs run a bit narrower than other species, with a 25″ wide slab being on the larger end. Cherry is considered a “Pioneer Species” which are the first to colonize barren environments such as after a fire, freeze or other catastrophic event. Pioneer species are generally hearty plants with extensive root systems.
Cherry lumber is known as one of the best “all-around” woods with consistent, straight grain and good dimensional stability. Select trees provide us with heavily figured slabs with intricate details and shadings. Cherry is extremely popular with fine furniture and cabinet makers, and is used in everything from flooring and interior trim work to bowls and jewelry boxes. A standout for use in heirloom quality end grain cutting boards. 
When first milled, Cherry is a pale, almost peachy color which develops into a rich reddish-brown patina over time as it is exposed to UV and sunlight. This process can be accelerated by exposing it to direct sunlight. Many other woods are stained in an effort to duplicate the deep patina that Cherry lumber develops naturally. Cherry is one of our favorite woods to work with, as it’s just the right combination of weight and hardness, and gives off a wonderful aroma of cherries when it’s being worked by machinery. 
The wood is very durable and takes paints and stains exceedingly well, but to truly be enjoyed we suggest just a clear sealing coat to allow Cherry to develop it’s wonderful natural patina over time. 
Average dried weight: 2.92 lbs per board foot 
Janka Hardness: 950lbs (see “useful information” tab)


Black Cherry slabs will be listed soon, please contact us for current availability